Emily Troxler is an emerging leader in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. Emily is a NASM certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist as well as a self love advocate.

Emily's Other Certifications


  • Brookbush Institute Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Rock Tape FMT certified movement professional

  • Strong First PlanStrong 70 certified 

  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

  • Victory Factor Mster Trainer

  • TRX Certified Instructor


           Emily originally went to the University of Colorado for teaching but upon graduating, she realized the 3rd grade classroom was not where she was meant to be. Despite everyone around her telling her she was crazy, she was called to pursue her career in fitness. She still uses her teaching degree everyday to coach her clients to a happier and healthier mind, body and soul.

           Emily’s approach is simple, you must train your mind alongside your body. What good is a healthy body if your mind is out of whack? She focuses on strength training to get you the body you’ve always wanted and mindfulness in order to achieve confidence like you’ve never felt before.

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