Fueling your Mind

For the longest time I was hyper focused on the way I looked. How I looked on social media, to other people in the gym & in the mirror. Every workout, every meal, every aspect of my life was contingent upon how I wanted to look. Thankfully, I’ve been able to change my mindset and shift my focus to performance, health & happiness. It’s not easy but damn, it is worth it.

How did I do this? I focused on loving myself for things other than my looks. I would look in the mirror and instead of picking myself apart, I would praise the things I loved (and still do) about myself. I also spend every morning writing down positive affirmations. I make sure I write down things that aren't based upon my looks. Things such as “I am hard working” “I am loyal” “I am kind” “I am changing lives” “I am enough” and many more. By doing this I found parts of myself that I never knew were there. I found an independent, proud, take no shit woman and I have fallen in love with her!

This not only changed how I fueled my body but how I fuel my mind. I think about things differently. I view them differently as I view myself. I don’t have time to throw away into things that don’t lift me up, food, books, relationships, etc.

It took me a long time to base my decisions on health not on looks. But, if you’re consistent with the process and changing your mindset, it will pay off.

Workouts are easier because i'm not punishing myself, trying to make myself smaller. They are fun because I can focus on performance, strength, and smashing PRs.

Fitness is about feeling good from the inside out. Yes, your body will change as you become more active and strive for performance but, its about being happy & healthy first and foremost.

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