How I Get Enough Protein on a Vegan Diet

There’s a common stigma with being vegan, “you just simply can’t get enough protein”. If you're not eating meat or cheese, how can you hit your protein requirements every day?

I do it every damn day with EASE. I count my macros so I can assure my body is getting enough that it needs.

Okay, so I might rock your world here but, you only need 1.2-1.8 g of protein per KILOGRAM of body weight. I’m gonna say that again… 1.2-1.8g per KILOGRAM. KILOGRAM of body weight. No need to be eating your bodyweight in protein every single day. That is not good for you and can lead to kidney issues down the road.

So for example, I weigh about 132 lbs right now. If I convert my weight in pounds to kilograms I weigh 59.8 kgs I'm going to round that up to 60 kgs. So, then based on that I would need a minimum of 72 g of protein a day. Dats it guys.

Because I lift heavy weights consistently and tear down my muscle fibers often, I aim for the 1.5 g of protein per kilogram. So that’s around 88.5 grams of protein I eat PER DAY.

Okay now to the fun part, how do I get 88.5 grams protein without meat, eggs or dairy?

Here's a typical day of eating for me with my protein breakdown of each meal.


Oats & Smoothie

1 cup oats - 12 g protein

1 cup flax milk with protein- 8 g protein

1 tbsp almond butter -4 g protein

2 cups spinach- 1.7 g protein

1 banana- 1.1 g protein

This whole meal has 26.8 grams of protein!

No faux meats, no protein powder, just whole plant based foods.

Snack 1

Usually, I’ll have avocado toast w tofu or tempeh scramble or a couple pieces of fruit if I’m craving something sweeter and have not worked out yet.

Ezekial English Muffin(my fave bread) -8g protein

½ Avocado -2g protein

Tofu Scramble with veg- 21-25g protein depending on the veggies used

Entire meal: 31g-35g protein

I've only had two meals and I'm already at 56 g protein guys.


Changes all the time. I'm not the kind of person who eats the same meals all the time. Besides breakfast. I eat the same breakfast 2-3 breakfasts all the time.

For lunch, I either have a veggie curry with potatoes or rice. Stuffed sweet potatoes, chipotle, etc. I play around with what macros (proteins, fats & carbs) I need to hit for the day.

Snack 2

Again, usually fruit or a smoothie depending on what I’m craving.


My favorite thing right now is either red lentil pasta (super high protein-21 g), tacos or stuffed sweet potatoes. Again, I adjust what I need based on what macros I have left and what micronutrients I need more of.

Are you wondering how you can eat what you want without guilt & reach your fitness goals at the same time?! Let's work together to find macros that work for YOU! Want to simply pick my brain about macros? Everybody and their needs are different. Shoot me a message or book directly on my site just click, MACRO COACHING. We check in weekly, sometimes more, in order to make sure youre feeling satisfied with your results and how you're feeling. Looking forward to seeing you smash your body goals!



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