How to Stay Fit and Mobile While Traveling

Am I alone when I say I get STIR CRAZY when I travel?! I get ancy, hate sitting and have to move around. Well if you're like me, you're in the right place!

I have put together some stretches for the plane and the gate as well as a workout you can do at your gate before your flight or during a layover.


Seated Piriformis Stretch 1 min each side

Seated Piriformis Stretch with twist 30 seconds each side Head Rolls 1 minute each side

Shoulder Rolls 1 minute each side

Warm Up:

Lunge Mobility with chest opener *1 min each side*

Deep squat *1 min each side*

Air Squats *1 min*

4 rounds

10 reps of each movement

-Downdog push up

-Bulgarian split squat

-bulgariuan split squat jump

-push up with hands on chair or push up with feet on chair

-side lunge

-cutsey lunge RIGHT AND LEFT SIDE

-curtsey lunge pulse RIGHT AND LEFT SIDE

Maybe bring a shirt to change into afterwards cause you may get a little sweaty 😋 tell your neighbor on the plane it's your trainers fault! 🤗

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