Why You Should Ditch the Weights This Fall + FREE WORKOUT

Okay so you're probably like, "WHAT Emily is telling me to stop using weights in our workouts?! But, shes always telling us how important weight training is for my health and body goals."

Hear me out. I am not saying to ditch the weights forever, just once a week.

Here's why. Body weight training. Training with your body weight is awesome because you are using your own weight as resistance & you can do it anytime, anywhere with no equipment!

What I love about body weight training is it is so functional and anyone at any fitness level can do it. Some of my favorite body weight exercises include, push ups, planks, dips, squats, lunges, wall sits and so many more!

An advantage of body weight training is easily being able to get a mix of resistance training and cardio. You can add fat blasting cardio moves in so easily to any body weight workout. For example, lateral jump squats, jump lunges, burpees (DO THEM THEY'RE GOOD FOR YOU) plank jacks etc.

Here is a great body weight workout for you to try at home, at the park or on your lunch break!

The only thing you'll need is your badass workout playlist and the timer on your phone

Warm up

30 second each side wrist rolls

30 second each side ankle rolls

1 min glute bridges (up and down)

5 inchworms

5 inchworm to push up

5 inchworm to 4 mountain climber

30 second mountain climber

30 seconds good mornings

30 second squats

30 second jump squats


3 rounds 1 after the other

no rest in between exercises, rest 1 min after each round

1a. 10 push ups

1b. 20 good mornings

1c. 30 squats

3 rounds

2a. 10 tricep dips on a bench, chair or ottoman

2b. 20Alternating v-ups

2c. 30 walking lunges (jump lunges if you want an extra challenge)

finish off with 1 min of plank jacks and 1 min of jump squats


standing quad stretch

seated figure 4 hamstring stretch



across the body shoulder stretch

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